Guy shot a bully



Remember the story of the big bully who mastered unassisted human flight after picking on the wrong guy last month?

Well, his name’s Jack and here’s his story. 


First off I would like to say I’m not a “little guy” that fat [fellow] was just giant so I looked small.  I’m 5”10.  I just wanted to let you know that it was ruled self defense.

The incident happened in Pueblo West, CO right outside a dispensary (“The Dispo”). 

The owner of the car had some $4K rims on a crappy little Honda.  This big guy saw them and when the guy passed by us he was smiling at the rims.   I commented, “You like the rims, Homie?”  For whatever reason, that set the dude off.  As you can see, he came straight to my car door yelling all aggressively.

The video kind of speaks for itself with what happens after that.

I am a HUGE Active Self Protection fan (on YouTube) and I’ve been watching his videos for years.

In fact, I used one of the techniques he talks about in his videos. When my attacker went for my gun, I fell back into my car in an effort to pull away to retain my gun.  Then I had to shoot with my elbows out and my gun back against my chest in order to defend myself.   If I hadn’t trained and practiced that I probably wouldn’t be here today.  I had bruises on my chest for a month.

This is the only post or article I ever saw about it:

He died in the hospital shortly after.

Another thing I can share that isn’t in any report or video.  The cops showed up, as you might expect.  Then my attacker’s brother showed up not even 5 minutes after all the cops got there.  He brought an assault rifle and it took five cops to restrain him.

After that they took me to the station & talked to me for a few hours while I explain what happened.  My lawyer took care of everything and the DA ruled it self-defense after that.


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