A man was mistakenly detained by the Minnesota police



Full statement of the man who was being wrongfully arrested while a lot of people believed he was an FBI agent.


I am Atter Mogndal the individual arrested by the police in the video that gone viral. I’ve been fairly quiet about the video.

I wish to speak on it now. A lot of people are making their own version of what happened. I am told there are even different lengths of video. There is even a version that notes me to be an FBI agent. I am not a FBI agent nor do I work for any police agency. I believe this video is a clear indication of racial profiling. Had the police officer came with a moral compass of respect I believe this could have been avoided.

The lack of respect and common sense is what leads to situations like the one that killed George Floyd. I frankly do not know if the RPD officers were too unthoughtful to look at a warrant photo for some confirmation (every RPD officer has a department issued phone) or if they are just comfortable with using the name of one black male as an excuse to get the identity of another when they don’t have some other constitutional reason to ask. Frankly, even if it was an unfounded excuse I would have acted differently if they had done so with a humble and respectful approach. The civilians are not the problem. I feel police are foot soldiers of a cause that I cannot define with certainty. This video is a clear example that police, for whatever reason, think they are better than the community they serve. Or maybe they think they’re just better than the black community.

My deep condolences to the family of George Floyd. May God protect his family and have favor and mercy on George. #mylifematters

source: his Facebook post



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