Scooter rider crashes into a fence.



No help! I don’t want an ambulance, no police, nothing!”, shouted the man who crashed his scooter into the garden gate of a house in St. Willebrord on Tuesday. He drove at full speed across the sidewalk and lost control. When he got on the ends up on the garden fence, he screams in pain. The residents of the house are shocked.

A day after the serious accident, they are still upset about it. “I just couldn’t eat it anymore last night,” says the 33-year-old resident. She was at home with her boyfriend when the man on a scooter crashed into their garden fence on Tuesday afternoon.

“It was a huge blow. Really very intense.”

The residents’ camera images show how a scooter drives onto the sidewalk at full speed at 4:02 p.m. He hits a wall and then comes to a stop on the fence. The resident of the house was sitting on the couch watching TV at the time. “I suddenly see that scooter flying past. The driver immediately got off and suddenly started screaming loudly.”

“It was really scary,” says the woman. “It was a huge blow. Really very intense. He was driving too fast anyway.” Almost immediately after the accident, a car stopped in front of the door. “That driver immediately called 112, but then the injured man started shouting: ‘No help! I don’t want any help, no ambulance, no police, nothing.’ He was very clear about that. He really wanted to leave.”

“You want to offer help to such a person, but if he doesn’t want it himself…”

After the woman alerted her friend, she went outside to provide help. “The injured man was wearing shorts that were torn open, they were completely torn.” The resident of the house spoke to the man who had called 911.

“He said that he had to swerve in front of the scooter with his car. The man on the scooter wanted to overtake another car and ended up in front of his car. That car driver was really stunned. You want to offer help to such a person, but if he himself… What should I do? He was gone in no time and walked further down the street as quickly as possible.”

“If they hadn’t helped him, he probably would have collapsed.”

Less than five hundred meters further, the man was offered help. “I spoke to those people,” says the resident. “They would have preferred not to help him, but blood literally spouted from his foot. If they had not helped him, he would probably have collapsed. So they tied a garbage bag around his foot and took him to the emergency room.” help brought to Roosendaal.”

When the police arrived the scooter was still there. “The driver was gone and, according to bystanders, did not want to accept help from anyone. Someone took him to hospital,” says police spokesman Alwin Don. “We were in the hospital, but were not allowed to speak to him for privacy reasons. That makes the research more difficult. It takes a little longer. We are still trying to determine who it is. We do have someone in mind.”

Shortly after the accident, the 33-year-old resident and her boyfriend found some strange items in their front yard. “There were scooter parts and three bags of white powder in the garden, probably drugs. The police did not find a license plate either. There was no insurance plate on that scooter. My car was completely covered in blood and there was also blood on the sidewalk.”

“I don’t feel comfortable with it.”

The couple handed over the camera images to the police. “It was not the intention at all for the video to leak. We have already submitted a removal request via Dumpert. My friend forwarded the images to one person and that is how it was distributed. We did not distribute it or put it online. We wanted that not at all.”

Since Tuesday afternoon, people have been constantly stopping in front of the door. “We have asked enforcement to keep an extra eye on things. Because you don’t know what will happen here? I don’t feel comfortable about it,” the resident responds worriedly. She realizes that things could have ended much worse. “That man has now cut his foot open. For the same amount of money, he could fall into a pin like that with his throat down. You don’t want to think about that.”

The couple is still going to press charges. “The neighbor’s fence has been completely dismantled and two pins of our fence are bent. Two cars have also been damaged. Of course that doesn’t mean much, but it does cost a lot of money.”


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