Girl Gets Shot On Facebook Live While At BBQ



A woman attended a barbecue on the 800 block of Cedar Street in Norfolk, Virginia, located in the Campostella area of the city, unaware of the imminent danger that would unfold.

In a video posted online, the woman faced the camera, holding a cup after taking a puff from a rolled blunt. Suddenly, shots rang out, prompting a chaotic scene with people running and ducking for cover. The video captured multiple screams in the background, though it remains unclear if the woman was struck multiple times or where on her body the bullets hit.

Reports indicate that medics from Sentara Norfolk General Hospital swiftly responded to provide treatment, recognizing the severity of her injuries. The woman, dressed in a white crop top and grey short shorts, streamed the incident on Facebook Live in 2022. However, her name wasn’t disclosed in the available information.


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