Man struggles to get out from under ice while swimming in a frozen lake



Boris Oravec, a self-proclaimed four-time world champion in ball hockey, crossfit athlete, and Red Bull Ice Cross Athlete, recently embarked on a daring venture beneath the frozen surface of a lake. Initially smooth, the situation took a tense turn when, nearing another ice hole, Oravec seemed disoriented, causing concern among onlookers.

Despite attempts to guide him with ice-banging signals, Oravec struggled, prompting panic. However, he displayed an unexpected calmness, navigating toward a pre-placed rope under the ice. Using it, he retraced his path to the starting hole, pulling himself out of the water nonchalantly.

While the ordeal concluded positively, the narrator and Oravec emphasize the extreme danger, discouraging viewers from attempting such activities. Social media reactions describe the video as “too stressful,” cautioning against replicating the risky feat. Despite the tension, Oravec, undeterred, continues sharing videos of his icy adventures on social media.


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