Las Vegas judge attacked during sentencing hearing



During a recent sentencing hearing in Las Vegas, an unsettling incident transpired when Deobra Redden, facing charges of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, engaged in a verbal and physical altercation with Judge Mary Kay Holthus. Despite attempts to provide a case for leniency, citing Redden’s perceived positive changes—such as an improved mental state, stronger support system, and newfound employment—Holthus expressed reservations due to Redden’s history of violent crimes.

As the courtroom atmosphere grew tense, Redden, fueled by frustration, directed explicit language at Judge Holthus before impulsively vaulting over the bench and physically assaulting her. The sudden eruption of violence led to chaos, prompting intervention from a court officer and a man seated next to the judge, who endeavored to restrain Redden. Amidst the tumult, Holthus could be heard yelling, and concerned voices questioned her well-being.

In response to the escalating situation, an alarm was activated, heightening the urgency of the scene. Holthus, after enduring the attack for a few harrowing minutes, was eventually able to stand. Swiftly, officers escorted her out of the courtroom, ordering the removal of all other defendants for safety.

News 3 reported that a court marshal, having sustained injuries during the melee, was promptly taken to a hospital for examination. Fortunately, Judge Holthus is expected to recover from the ordeal.

The repercussions for Redden, however, extend beyond the initial charges. In the aftermath of Wednesday’s shocking attack, authorities announced their intention to file new charges against him. The legal aftermath underscores the severity of the incident and the additional consequences Redden may face for his violent outburst in the courtroom.


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  1. jaylen stewart Avatar
    jaylen stewart

    free him he aint do nothing wrong all she had to do was say not guilty she fucked around and found out

    1. You should dumb AF

      1. You sound* dumb af and clearly don’t get jokes

  2. America never failing to show its racism.

    Why are 3 white men attacking him so violently when he clearly needs a support system?


  3. Tesla Fan Avatar
    Tesla Fan

    Key question now is how many volts to set the chair to.

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