A teen stabbed classmate at NY high school



In Utica, New York, a distressing incident unfolded at Proctor High School on November 1, 2022. Surveillance footage captured a 17-year-old student stabbing his 18-year-old classmate in the hand and back during a violent altercation. Quick-thinking teachers intervened, courageously putting an end to the attack, which spectators recorded and shared on social media.

The video depicts the aggressor rushing at his friend in the school’s hallway, launching a forceful assault by ramming him into a wall. The 17-year-old proceeds to punch the 18-year-old repeatedly, knocking him to the ground and beating him over the head. Throughout the ordeal, the victim vocalizes that his assailant wields a knife.

Amidst the struggle, the victim screams in fear, alerting others to the presence of the weapon. Onlookers in the crowd plead with the teenage attacker to “drop the knife,” but he remains undeterred. A woman enters the frame to intervene, and the crowd persistently shouts, “He’s got a knife.”

A male teacher approaches the scene, successfully disarms the assailant, and questions his actions. The victim informs the staff member of the stabbing, and additional staff join in attempts to separate the two. However, one staff member pushes the victim to the ground.

A joint statement from the Utica Police Department and Utica City School District commends the teachers for their immediate and brave intervention, disarming the suspect and holding him until security staff arrive.

School nurses treat the 18-year-old victim for multiple stab wounds before transporting him to the hospital, where the injuries are deemed non-life-threatening. Post-investigation, the 17-year-old faces charges of attempted first-degree assault and fourth-degree weapon possession.

The incident gains attention on social media, with a Twitter user praising the heroic teacher and advocating for recognition.


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