Suspect runs over person during hourslong pursuit in California



A pursuit suspect, identified as Karl Flores, was apprehended after colliding with a scooter rider during a chase spanning from Los Angeles to San Diego County. Culver City police initiated the pursuit on Washington Boulevard, noting the suspect’s red Honda Civic with a cracked windshield. Initially thought to be stolen, authorities later clarified it was not.

The suspect, Flores, struck a pedestrian on a scooter, causing injuries that were fortunately not life-threatening. Despite attempts by law enforcement to halt the fleeing vehicle, including PIT maneuvers, Flores continued to evade capture.

After a series of maneuvers, Flores, running out of gas, finally pulled over on the southbound 5 Freeway in San Diego County. A standoff ensued, leading to Flores being taken into custody. He was treated for a bean bag wound to the face. Authorities revealed Flores’ military background and PTSD, as conveyed by his wife during discussions with CHP officials.


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