Decatur Police Officers Display Courage and Quick Thinking in Confrontation



In the early hours of October 12, 2022, Decatur Police Department officers faced a life-threatening situation during a routine traffic stop involving Jamontey Neal. Believing Neal was armed, officers approached the vehicle with caution, demanding compliance. The incident unfolded rapidly, revealing a mix of commendable actions and areas for reflection.

Upon exiting their vehicle, officers promptly instructed Neal to raise his hands. However, the situation intensified when Sergeant Timothy Wittmer took charge, briefly pointing his gun at a fellow officer. While the intensity of the moment is understood, such instances demand utmost precision to avoid unintended consequences.

Sgt. Wittmer efficiently assessed the situation, asking Officer Ryan Ricker for crucial information about the suspected firearm. The decision to reach into the running vehicle and remove Neal’s seatbelt, though effective in the immediate context, raises concerns about officer safety. The potential risk of a headline-worthy incident, such as an officer being dragged by a running car, emphasizes the need for evaluating alternative approaches to managing non-compliant suspects.

Following the seatbelt removal, Sgt. Wittmer’s quick reaction to Neal’s resistance and retrieval of a firearm demonstrated his readiness to engage. The subsequent struggle revealed the unpredictable nature of such encounters, emphasizing the split-second decisions officers face. Notably, Sgt. Wittmer’s ability to recover from being shot and promptly resume the fight showcased exemplary training and resilience.

During the exchange of gunfire, Officer Bowman navigated the chaos effectively, seeking cover behind his car. While Monday quarterbacking may suggest alternative actions, the officers’ split-second decisions underscore the challenges they face in real-time. The acknowledgment of their commendable performance in handling a rapidly evolving, life-threatening situation is crucial.

In hindsight, suggestions for improvement, such as the timing of engaging the suspect, should be tempered with the acknowledgment that these decisions unfolded within seconds. The officers’ ability to adapt, respond, and remember their training in the heat of the moment is commendable.

In conclusion, the Decatur Police Department officers exhibited courage and quick thinking during a high-stakes confrontation. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities officers navigate daily and opens a dialogue on refining strategies for enhanced safety and effectiveness in future encounters.


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