Speeding bikers hit by a car



A Shanghai knight surnamed Wang was out of convenience at noon on the 8th and ignored the traffic lights. He rushed out of the front of the vehicle with a “ghost probe”, but was hit by an oncoming car the next second. The two of them were sprayed away on the spot. In the end, although Mr. Wang survived, His wife in the back seat died.

According to comprehensive mainland media reports, Wang Nan drove his wife out at 12:10 noon. When passing by the intersection of Xiashaxin Street in Pudong New District, he slipped between two vehicles waiting to turn left, then immediately accelerated, preparing to cross the road through a red light. .

But as soon as the motorcycle set off, it was hit by a car at high speed. It made a solid sound on the spot. Wang and his wife instantly jumped into the air. After flying twice in the sky, they fell heavily to the ground. They were unconscious on the spot. Debris all over the ground.

An aunt in the rear who originally planned to follow the red light was frightened when she saw this. She quickly backed away with the car and waited silently.

According to the preliminary investigation by the police, both Mr. Wang and Ms. Zhou were sent to the hospital for rescue, but Ms. Zhou died and Mr. Wang survived. After testing, the driver of the vehicle, Zhang, was not suspected of drunk driving or drug driving. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.


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