After a month, a cyclist who was run over in Blumenau leaves the hospital



Cyclist was hit by a motorcycle at a pedestrian crossing. Karen Saori Kakihara has not yet recovered all movement, but is optimistic about the possibility of continuing treatment at home.

The 31-year-old cyclist, who was run over by a motorcycle in Blumenau , in the Itajaí Valley, left the hospital . She was hit while at the pedestrian crossing on Rua Antônio da Veiga. After the crash, the woman spun in the air and fell, meters away, onto the asphalt.

During the month of hospitalization, the nurse was intubated four times, underwent a series of surgeries and lost 8 kg. She left Hospital Santa Isabel, in Blumenau , on a stretcher , with celebrations from the health unit’s professionals.

Despite being discharged, Karen Saori Kakihara has not yet regained full movement, but is optimistic about the possibility of continuing treatment at home.

“My head is ok, I’m lucid and I can now continue my recovery with myself”, commented the cyclist.

According to the mother of cyclist Solange Eruze, Karen had to undergo surgery lasting more than 4 hours, after the accident, to stop the bleeding.

Karen had fractures in her pelvis, wrists, ankle, femur and neck.

“Now she will undergo physiotherapy to recover the function of her limbs and to walk again. The plan is to get her back to normal day-to-day activities”, explains orthopedic doctor João Rodolfo Gonçalves.


According to the Civil Police , the rider of the motorcycle has been identified and other images of the accident are being taken. The investigation will also hear a witness to identify whether he advanced when the light was red.

The crime of negligently causing bodily harm while driving a motor vehicle, provided for in article 303 of the Traffic Code, provides for a sentence of up to 2 years in prison.

“As the accident occurred on a pedestrian crossing, there is an aggravating factor of one third to two thirds of the penalty”, explains police chief Isomar Amorim.


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