Shanghai firefighters jump to their deaths after explosion



Two firefighters lost their lives in a tragic incident at a Shanghai apartment fire, as reported by Shanghai Daily. Qian Lingyun, 23, and Liu Jie, 20, responded to the fire on the 13th floor of a residence on Longwu Road in Xuhui district around 2 pm. During their attempt to extinguish the blaze, an explosion occurred, propelling Liu over the balcony. Witnesses described Qian grabbing his colleague’s arm, but the combined weight proved too much, and they fell hand-in-hand to the ground.

Despite being rushed to a local hospital, both firefighters succumbed to their injuries. Colleagues at the scene mourned the loss of Qian and Liu, who had joined the fire service in December 2012. The fire department commended their bravery and camaraderie, emphasizing the strong bond among colleagues. Spokesman Jian Ku remarked, “Firemen always watch each other’s backs, they look after each other; this tragic death shows the strength of that bond between colleagues. Guarding one another in life, inseparable in death.”

Another firefighter injured in the incident is receiving treatment at Shanghai No. 6 People’s Hospital. The cause of the fire remains unknown, though officials mentioned the excessive use of electrical equipment by the apartment’s occupants. Neighbors also noted overcrowding, a prohibited practice for safety reasons by Shanghai’s authorities, with several groups of tenants cramming into the apartment to minimize living expenses.


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