Paris Lane’s death – Last Video Viral on Social Media



A prominent figure in the world of social media decided to end his own. Following this terrible turn of events, fans of his work and members of his family from all around the globe are in shock. What matters is that Paris was recorded on tape. A video of the suicide has gone viral, and many who have seen it are stunned by what they see. Both his followers and members of the wider public have shown a significant amount of interest in the video. All this may have happened after he met his fiancée.

The door was going to swing open just as Mr Lan and his girlfriend were waiting in front of the elevator. She clings to him and uses his hand to wipe away her tears as she cannot bear to be apart from him. After that, they shared a kiss, and she went in the direction to her left. In addition to that, she was seen kissing him for a brief amount of time. After that, Lane’s movements are filmed by the CCTV camera, and they indicate that he thinks the elevator door will close before he takes out his revolver, puts it in his mouth, and sets it on fire. This is all before he pulls the trigger. After that, he collapses to the ground.

Paris Lane was just 22 years old when he passed away; his body was discovered on the bottom floor of the building and sent to a medical examiner for further examination. It is not the first time that he has tried to end his own life; on March 16, he shot himself in the Bronx as part of an ongoing anti-poverty campaign.


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