Former Adult Star Emily Willis Is Awake From Coma But In A ‘Vegetative State’ After Suffering From Cardiac Arrest



After experiencing a cardiac arrest last month, former adult film star Emily Willis slipped into a coma and has remained in a vegetative state ever since. Her family made the decision to transfer Willis to a renowned celebrity rehabilitation center, although they are bracing themselves for the possibility of grim news regarding her condition.

The 25-year-old Willis showed signs of improvement, according to her stepfather, after regaining consciousness in a California hospital. Despite being in a vegetative state, she demonstrated the ability to open her eyes, track objects with them, and even display some emotions on her face.

Initially, when Willis was found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital, first responders and medical personnel suspected a potential drug overdose. However, subsequent toxicology reports revealed the absence of drugs in her system at the time of the cardiac arrest.

Following the incident, Willis underwent treatment for addiction at a rehabilitation facility for eight days. However, perplexity arose among medical professionals upon reviewing the toxicology report, as they struggled to pinpoint the cause of her sudden cardiac arrest.

In a bid to provide Willis with better care and to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with her medical expenses in California, her family is contemplating moving her to a hospital in St. George, Utah, where they reside. Additionally, Willis’s brother initiated a GoFundMe campaign in her honor, aiming to alleviate the strain of her substantial medical bills. Remarkably, the campaign successfully met its goal of $60,000.

Willis had been transitioning away from the adult film industry into more mainstream acting pursuits before her health crisis struck, underscoring the unforeseeable nature of her medical emergency and its interruption of her career aspirations.


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