Algerian man missing for decades found held captive by neighbour



An Algerian man who had been missing for more than 25 years was recently discovered held captive in his neighbor’s home in the northern Djelfa province. This startling revelation was reported by local media, citing information from the authorities.

The man, identified as Bin Omran Omar, disappeared between 1996 and 1998 during the tumultuous period of the Algerian civil war. This was a time marked by widespread violence and chaos, which may have contributed to the difficulty in locating him over the years. His prolonged absence left his family and community in a state of uncertainty for over two decades.

Omar was found in a hidden underground hole, which had been cleverly concealed with hay, according to a report by the daily Echorouk newspaper. This discovery was made following a tip-off that led authorities to search the premises. The conditions in which he was kept suggest a deliberate effort to ensure he remained undetected for an extended period.


In a harrowing account reported by the AFP news agency, Omar claimed that his captor had cast a spell on him. This alleged spell rendered him incapable of calling out for help or attempting to escape, adding a sinister layer to his ordeal. Such claims, while difficult to verify, highlight the psychological trauma and manipulation he endured.

The breakthrough in this long-standing mystery came when the brother of the alleged captor exposed him on social media. Their dispute over an inheritance escalated to the point where the brother decided to reveal the shocking secret, ultimately leading to Omar’s rescue. This unexpected turn of events underscores the often complex and hidden dynamics within families and communities.

Omar, now in his mid-40s, is currently receiving medical care to address the physical and psychological impacts of his prolonged captivity. The process of recovery will likely be extensive, given the severe deprivation and trauma he experienced.

The alleged captor, a 61-year-old man, has been arrested and is presumably facing charges related to the abduction and illegal confinement of Omar. The case has sparked widespread attention and outrage, shedding light on the dark realities that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary communities.

This incident has not only brought relief to Omar’s family but also highlighted the importance of vigilance and the power of social media in uncovering hidden crimes. The authorities continue to investigate the full circumstances surrounding Omar’s captivity, aiming to ensure that justice is served and that such an event does not occur again.


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