Beck Weathers cheated death to survive the 1996 Everest catastrophe



In an extraordinary tale of survival amidst the perilous heights of Mount Everest, Beck Weathers defied death in a gripping account. Prior to the astonishing revelation that Beck Weathers had actually lived through the harrowing 1996 disaster, he was believed to have succumbed to the calamity. Fellow climbers had even informed his wife of his disappearance, but miraculously, Weathers not only survived but also returned to camp after descending the treacherous slopes.

On May 11, 1996, the widely accepted belief was that Beck Weathers had met his end on Mount Everest. However, the reality turned out to be even more astonishing. Enduring an ominous eighteen-hour ordeal, Everest relentlessly attempted to claim Weathers and his climbing companions. Battling weariness, exposure, and altitude sickness, Weathers descended into a progressively delirious state as brutal storms claimed the lives of most of his team members, including the captain.

At a moment of apparent resignation, Weathers exclaimed, “I’ve got it all figured out,” raising his hands before collapsing into the snow. Witnesses, his fellow climbers, presumed him dead. Weathers lay in the snow, slipping into a hypothermic coma while rescue teams fought their way up Everest to save others. Evaluated by two rescuers who deemed him beyond salvation, he was marked as one of Everest’s countless victims.

Despite being twice declared deceased, a miraculous turn of events unfolded: Beck Weathers regained consciousness. Covered in scale-like black frostbite on his face and torso, he managed to extricate himself from the snowbank and successfully descend the formidable mountain, defying the odds stacked against him.


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