Train brakes before hitting car stopped on rail in Minas



A car and a tourist train were almost involved in an accident in São Lourenço, in the south of Minas. The Trem das Águas driver managed to brake just before colliding with the vehicle, which stopped on the track.

In a video that began circulating on social media, a white pickup truck arrives close to the train tracks on a road full of water, after heavy rains that hit the municipality that day.

The car manages to stop, but ends up going even further forward, ending up on the rail. As the Trem das Águas gets closer and closer, a woman gets out of the truck before a collision happens.

The train driver, however, manages to brake in time, avoiding an accident.

Trem das Águas is a tourist train operated by the Regional Sul de Minas of ABPF (Brazilian Association of Railway Preservation) in the city of São Lourenço. Pulled by an authentic Maria-Fumaça, the vehicle relives the “golden days” of the railway, according to the association.

It departs from São Lourenço station, at km 80 of the old Estrada de Ferro Minas & Rio, built in 1884, and goes to Soledade de Minas, located at km 90, totaling 20 km of tour (round trip) lasting a total of two hours.


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