Woman was arrested after allegedly stealing 65 Stanley cups from California store



A 23-year-old woman found herself in legal trouble after allegedly pilfering numerous Stanley cups, collectively valued at $2,500, from a retail store in California. The Roseville Police Department responded to the theft, prompted by employees who observed the woman exiting the store with a shopping cart filled with the coveted cups without making any payment.

Despite attempts by store workers to intervene, the woman declined to halt her theft spree. She proceeded to load her car’s trunk with the stolen merchandise. Subsequently, the police located and pulled her over, discovering 65 Stanley cups inside her vehicle, all worth $2,500.

The Roseville Police Department, acknowledging the popularity of Stanley Quenchers, issued a statement cautioning against resorting to criminal activities to satisfy one’s hydration preferences. The 23-year-old suspect from Sacramento was arrested on suspicion of grand theft.

This audacious heist unfolded amid a nationwide fervor for Stanley’s Quenchers. Despite the brand’s longstanding presence of over a century, it recently experienced a surge in popularity, attributed in part to the viral trends on TikTok. The chaos surrounding the limited edition Stanley tumbler collaboration with Target triggered a rush of buyers across the United States, adding a peculiar backdrop to the woman’s alleged theft.


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