Viral Video Of ‘Gender Reveal’ With Car Crashing Through Store Is Fake



The original video, initially shared by the NBC TV affiliate in New York in 2014, clearly indicates that the car did not bear the inscription “It’s a boy” on the hood, as evident in the screenshot I’ve included.


The incident, occurring on January 8, 2014, as reported by Channel 4 in New York, involved a 71-year-old driver accidentally crashing into a Rite-Aid storefront in New Jersey. The collision, deemed unintentional, lacks clarity on why the elderly driver mistakenly hit the store’s front.

During the incident, an 18-year-old woman was unexpectedly struck by the car as she attempted to exit the store, although she reportedly declined medical treatment.

The origin of the altered video, presenting the car with “it’s a boy” on the hood, remains unclear. It is also uncertain whether the “non aesthetic things” account is aware of the video’s falsification.

X features a crowd-sourced fact-checking program named Community Notes, where regular users can submit corrections or clarifications. As of now, there are no notes in Community Notes pointing out the video’s alteration. With the video accumulating over 4 million views, it has been widely seen before potential fact-checking on the platform.


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