Vape store owner defending himself by stabbing a robber Video viral



Robbers tried to rob Vape store in Las VegasYou might have heard several times about robbery in stores. Well, that’s what happened on Wednesday with a Vape store owner Johnny Nguyen as well. He was at his counter working when two men wearing a black mask came to his counter. While Nguyen asked them why they were wearing mask. He also later told them to leave.However, one of them picked his tip jar. But when they came back to take more that’s when things began troubling for Nguyen. When one of the robber came on the side of Nguyen to pick things from the shelf. He picked his knife and stabbed the robber seven times. After which he called the ambulance and police too.

The Vape store owner Johnny Nguyen shared everything about the incident that took place around 3:25pm on Wednesday 2022. He went to tell everything that happened between him and the two robbers. As he even went to share on how getting stabbed, the robber was saying “Stop please! I’m dead”. After which he fell on the ground.The robber was even requesting Nguyen to not let him die. Nguyen shared that the robber said sorry and took off his mask. The footage of this robbery has gone viral on internet. While everyone is talking about this.


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