The Toy Box Killer

David Parker Ray, also known as the Toy Box Killer, was a convicted serial rapist and suspected serial killer who operated in New Mexico. In the 1990s, he kidnapped, tortured, and sexually abused multiple women in a soundproof trailer he referred to as his “toy box.”

Ray’s trailer was equipped with restraints, tools, and various instruments of torture. He played a disturbing audio tape to his victims, outlining the horrifying experiences they were about to endure. Authorities believe he may have been involved in more crimes than those he was convicted of, and he might have had accomplices.

One of his victims managed to escape in 1999, leading to the discovery of Ray’s crimes. In 2001, he was sentenced to 224 years in prison. The Toy Box Killer case remains one of the most notorious and chilling examples of sadistic criminal behavior, highlighting the importance of vigilance in combating such heinous acts.


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