Spanish prime minister says ‘Israel in a weaker position due to its response in Gaza’



Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez stated on Friday that “Israel is in a much weaker position now due to its inhumane response” in the Gaza Strip, as reported by Anadolu Agency. During an interview with the broadcaster La Sexta, Sanchez was asked if he considered Israel’s actions a genocide. He replied, “I have my own vision on what’s happening. Are they respecting human rights in Gaza? I have my serious doubts.”

Sanchez expressed that any objective analyst would likely share his concerns, pointing to the indiscriminate killing of civilians, including women and children, and the extensive destruction in Gaza, which will take decades to rebuild. He questioned the justification of the violence and destruction following the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack, which resulted in over 1,200 Israeli deaths. Since then, Israel has reportedly killed more than 35,000 Palestinians. Additionally, a report by Haaretz revealed that Israeli army helicopters and tanks were responsible for many of the deaths initially attributed to Palestinian resistance.

Sanchez questioned whether Hamas is stronger and if Israel is safer after the 7 October attacks, suggesting that Israel’s position has weakened. He also announced that his government would not recognize the State of Palestine on 21 May, contrary to what had been suggested by the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell. Sanchez explained that the recognition had been delayed to coordinate with other countries and that he hoped to announce the exact date when Spain and other EU countries would recognize Palestine after finalizing details.

So far, EU nations such as Ireland, Slovenia, Norway, and Malta have committed to recognizing Palestine, although it remains unclear which other countries will join. Sanchez emphasized that while many Western nations support a two-state solution, they have recognized Israel but not Palestine. He argued that in light of recent events, it’s evident that the Israeli Premier opposes recognizing Palestine. Therefore, other countries need to step up to maintain the possibility of peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine.

In addition spain will not authorize ships carrying weapons for Israel to dock at its ports, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares announced. This decision followed Spain’s refusal to let a ship dock at the southeastern port of Cartagena. Albares stated that the refusal is in line with the government’s decision not to grant weapon export licenses to Israel since 7 October, as Spain does not “want to contribute to war.” Spain has been a vocal critic of Israel’s actions in Gaza, condemning the “indiscriminate killing of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.” Madrid has vowed to recognize the State of Palestine by July.


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