Nearly 200 bodies left to rot as Colorado couple blew funeral service cash on cars, crypto



In a jaw-dropping turn of events, a Colorado couple, Jon and Carie Hallford, who ran the seemingly eco-conscious funeral home, Return to Nature, are now under intense scrutiny for allegedly pulling off a heartbreaking betrayal. Court documents suggest that instead of honoring their solemn commitments to families, the couple took funds meant for cremations and burials and went on a personal spending spree – think luxury cars, cryptocurrency, and fancy jewelry.

While they were advertising these heartfelt “traditional burials” and eco-friendly options for around $1,895, investigators claim that the Hallfords were living large on the hard-earned money of grieving families. We’re talking a $92,566 GMC Yukon XL, a $28,336 Infiniti SUV, and some high-flying vacations. Shockingly, it appears they left nearly 200 bodies unattended, rotting away in less-than-ideal conditions, as per court documents.

In a recent legal development, a judge ruled that Jon’s case could proceed to trial, following a similar decision for Carie last month. The laundry list of charges includes the grim-sounding abuse of a corpse, forgery, and money laundering – all linked to their alleged lavish lifestyle.

March 21 is marked for their arraignment, where the Hallfords are set to face the music for what appears to be a gross exploitation of grieving families. Danica Romero, whose sister Samantha was supposed to find peace through Return to Nature after an unexpected death in December 2019, expressed her sentiments, calling this whole ordeal “absolutely despicable.” The betrayal of trust during such a fragile time has left families not just grieving their loved ones but grappling with a wave of anger and disbelief.

As the legal drama unfolds, it forces us to reckon with the ethical side of the funeral industry. This saga is a stark reminder of the need for accountability and safeguards to protect vulnerable families from such egregious exploitation during their darkest hours.


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