Missouri Father Allowed Teen Son to Have Sex With Teacher, Police Say: ‘I May as Well Let It Happen’



Upon learning of his teenage son’s involvement in a sexual relationship with his 26-year-old teacher, a Missouri father reportedly chose to shield him, anticipating that the secretive encounters would persist even if he intervened. In response, prosecutors in Pulaski County charged the 47-year-old father, Mark Creighton, with endangering the welfare of a child. Their allegations assert that Creighton not only permitted but facilitated his son’s engagement in a sexual relationship with teacher Hailey Nichelle Clifton-Carmack.

Accusations against Creighton go further, suggesting that he allowed Clifton-Carmack into his home for intimate interactions with the boy. Clifton-Carmack was apprehended in Garden Ridge, a suburb of San Antonio, after reportedly fleeing Missouri upon learning of active warrants for charges, including endangerment, statutory rape, child molestation, and sexual contact with a student.

Facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child, Creighton’s legal stance is currently unclear, and it remains unknown if he has entered a plea. Clifton-Carmack, previously employed as a math teacher at Laquey High School, was reportedly confronted about the abuse by a witness. Creighton allegedly acknowledged his awareness of the situation during this confrontation, even stating that they used students as lookouts during school hours.

According to court documents, Creighton admitted knowing about the relationship during investigative interviews. These documents further claim that he allowed Clifton-Carmack to visit his residence in the presence of the victim, adding a disturbing layer to the unfolding legal case.


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