In village council building in Zakarpattia, deputy detonates grenades: 26 injured, doctors trying to revive bomber – National Police



In Zakarpattia, in the building of Keretsky village council, a deputy detonated grenades: 26 people were injured, six of them in severe condition, doctors are trying to resuscitate the bomber, the National Police of Ukraine said.

Line 102 received a message that one of the deputies exploded grenades in the building of Keretsky Council of Mukachevo district during a session meeting,” the National Police said on its Facebook page.

“According to preliminary information, as a result of the explosion, one person, the fuse itself, was killed, and 11 more people were injured,” the National Police said.

Later, the National Police updated information about the victims: “some 26 people were injured, six of whom are in serious condition.”

The National Police also said doctors are carrying out resuscitation measures against the man who blew up the grenades.

All relevant services, the police investigative team, explosives experts and criminologists are working at the scene of the incident. Primary investigative actions are ongoing.


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