Doctor Adam Hamawy explained why he declined an opportunity to evacuate Gaza



Dr. Adam Hamawy, an American plastic surgeon, is among three US health workers who declined an opportunity to evacuate Gaza. He explained his decision, saying, “I could not in good conscience leave my team behind. It’s not fair for me to leave just because I’m an American.”

Hamawy highlighted the perilous conditions faced by medical professionals in Gaza. “Here we have doctors who have consistently been targeted. We have hospitals that have been consistently targeted,” said Hamawy, who is working with a team of local and international health workers at the European Hospital in Khan Younis. He emphasized the severity of the situation, adding, “I want our President to know that we are not safe.”

US Senator Tammy Duckworth, who credits Hamawy with saving her life during the Iraq war, mentioned earlier this week that she has been “working hard to secure his group’s immediate evacuation.”


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