Australian man Bill Morgan’s insane lotto win

In the late 1990s, Australian man Bill Morgan faced a series of hardships, from a car crash during his job as a truck driver to a heart condition exacerbated by an allergic reaction to medication. Clinically dead for 14 minutes, he miraculously woke from a coma, later remarking on the unexpected second chance at life. Within a year, he not only recovered but also found love, landed a new job, and won a $30,000 Toyota Corolla in the lottery.

As news outlets shared Morgan’s inspiring tale, a local TV station asked him to re-enact his story. In an astonishing twist, he won another lottery prize of $250,000 during the re-enactment. The footage, still circulating online decades later, captures Morgan’s disbelief as he collapses upon realizing his second win. Celebrations ensued in the newsagency, and Morgan, with his fiancée, invested the winnings in a house and other ventures.

Fast forward to 2020, and a 59-year-old Morgan, still residing in Melbourne with his wife, reflected on his extraordinary journey. Despite facing heart problems and arthritis, he maintained a positive outlook, considering himself fortunate for the additional 22 years. He shared his routine of buying Tattslotto and a $5 scratchie, emphasizing that luck continues to be a part of his life. Morgan, now retired due to health issues, expressed gratitude for his owned home and car, emphasizing the importance of appreciating life’s highs and lows.


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