A man burned the Quran and ran away



Rising hostility towards Islam in Europe causes new scandals to emerge every day. In this context, an organization called Stop the Islamization of Norway said immoral things to Muslims’ holy people and burned the Quran. After the Muslims reacted to the disgusting incident, the vehicle of the enemies of Islam, who tried to escape from the scene with an armored vehicle, rolled over.

In Norway ‘s capital Oslo , Lars Thorsen, leader of the anti-Islamic far-right SIAN (Stop the Islamization of Norway) group , came to the area where the Muslim community lives and burned the Holy Quran.

The vehicle Thorsen was in rolled over when it was hit by another vehicle on the way back, and 6 people were injured.

HE BURNED THE QURAN AND TRIED TO ESCAPE THE SCENE Lars Thorsen , the leader of the anti-Islamic far-right SIAN group in Oslo , the capital of 
Norway , came to the Mortensrudregion, where a large Muslim community lives .

Thorsen left the burned Quran in the middle of the road and returned to his vehicle. People around intervened and tried to extinguish the flames.

Getting into his vehicle, Thorsen made the same provocation once again and took out the Quran he burned in his vehicle from the window and began to wander the streets.

TROPPED DOWN. Later, a vehicle with 2 women in it chased Thorsen’s vehicle, which ended its action. After a brief chase, the vehicle Thorsen was in rolled over.

Police announced that 6 people were injured in the accident and stated that 2 women, including the driver of the vehicle accused of “deliberately hitting”, were detained.

Far-right anti-Islamic activists in Scandinavian countries have been coming to neighborhoods with a dense Muslim population and carrying out provocative actions in recent years.


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